silvershion asked
Do you have a Mii character?

On my Nephews Wii I do. She looks like me. My Niece designed it.

theagentofouendan asked
Hi there! Stopping by to say you have an amazing voice with such a broad range! Rarely have I ever heard a voice that can go from spunky and cute in one instance to sexy and alluring in another. Keep up the good work! *SHINING THUMBS UP*

Thanks Sugar!

that-coolblue asked
Hey. You ready for P4A Ultimax in three days?! (and then watch it get trampled by Smash Bros also 3 days later?)

I am excited for all the goodies Persona related that I pre ordered months ago! Mostly my Persona 3DS!!


Something a little extra this week!

First up is the weekly tee, Samson and Shamone, designed by Dani Grew! The featured colors are black for Samson and dark green for Shamone, but it’s available in several more colors if you feel apt to replicate your personal favorite pallete!

Available through the 29th!

Also this week we are launching a new product, mousepads! (Sorry, not THAT kind.)

Our first design features an elegant design themed around the character icons! Available at $9.95 each, they are available here!

the-spastic-bee asked
I absolutely LOVED your work as Junko Enoshima, Parasoul, Nazz + May, etc. Who's your favorite character to have ever voiced? (im sure you get that one a lot)

Whoever I am voicing today!

rwby-rose asked
Hi Erin! I was watching a gameplay video for Resident Evil Revelations 2: are you voicing Moira Burton by any chance?

Nope. Not me.

Book 2 of Orange Crows is Finally out!!! I Loved Book 1!!!

U can read a chap 1 free here:

Book 2 of Orange Crows is Finally out!!! I Loved Book 1!!!

U can read a chap 1 free here:

Behind the voices of Persona Q's Chie and Yosuke - YouTube

I can’t tell if my first post worked so posting it again.

Yuri & I behind the scenes. A score is Finally settled!

Persona Q behind the scenes

Chilling with John Hardin and RL BFF Yuri Lowenthal talkin’ Persona awesomeness and getting a special gift from Yuri!!

princess-of-the-spooky-kingdom asked
Hello, Erin i really got one question for you. How did you get into voice acting?
attractdistract asked
okay but what if there was some wild, awesome fusion of Parasoul and Chie? how great would that be?

Don’t Think, Feel EGRETS ROLL OUT!

dontexpectanythingcool asked
*sees your blog and instantly thinks "WHY AM I NOT FOLLOWING ERINFITZVOICEARTIST"* On a side note, are you/have you recording the Parasoul story playthrough? Would you be posting it here when it's finished?... Parasoul is so hard to play. So is everyone. I'm bad at fighting games.

I feel like we recorded it….you’d have to ask Kaiji Tang if he posted it.

kayteelern asked
Hey! I've been playing Bravely Default and was wondering what your preparation for Agnès was. The script calls for a very loaded characterization - sheltered and determined to complete her task. How did you approach the character? (Great job, btw! Everyone needs to play Bravely Default. If they don't... UNACCEPTABLE!)

I have been acting so long that all the years of studying the craft have created a method for me becoming a character that I can’t really break down.  Its pretty personal at this point.  I use my skills to become her. Then focus on her intentions.

animeking1108 asked
If you could go out with any celebrity, who would it be?

Jack Black